Mike Owens

  • 5 Things to Discuss with Your Male Celebrant

    A celebrant is an individual authorised to officiate ceremonies such as weddings, burials and child naming ceremonies. If you are planning a wedding, then you should consider hiring a male celebrant. Be sure to do this during the early stages of your planning as he will play a critical role in organising the ceremony. Below are a few things you should discuss with your celebrant.  Type of wedding. This is an important aspect as it will determine how the celebrant will officiate the ceremony.
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  • Harry Got Married: How Harry and Meghan's Wedding Can Inspire Your Own Big Day

    Unless you have gone for an extended period without watching television, going online or reading a newspaper, you probably know that May 2018 was the magical month when Prince Harry married Meghan Markle. The eyes of the world were watching, although aside from the UK, the marriage was arguably of more significance to Australia and other Commonwealth countries where Harry could theoretically still become head of state. Admittedly, he gets bumped further down the line of succession with each child that Prince William and Kate Middleton welcome into the world, but it was still a ceremonious day.
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