5 Things to Discuss with Your Male Celebrant

Posted on: 15 January 2019

A celebrant is an individual authorised to officiate ceremonies such as weddings, burials and child naming ceremonies. If you are planning a wedding, then you should consider hiring a male celebrant. Be sure to do this during the early stages of your planning as he will play a critical role in organising the ceremony. Below are a few things you should discuss with your celebrant. 

Type of wedding.

This is an important aspect as it will determine how the celebrant will officiate the ceremony. Most celebrants are trained to conduct both religious and secular marriages and will help you memorise the wedding vows. Inform the celebrant if you would like a specific quote, poem or Bible verse read during the ceremony. Also, ask him to prepare a brief of what he will say during the ceremony. 


In order for the young male wedding celebrant to perform an excellent job, he needs to familiarise himself with the couple at an early stage. Tell him about your love story. For instance, tell him how you met, what you love about each other and how you relate to one another. Remember that you want a memorable ceremony, and such information will keep guests glued to their seats. 

Wedding program.

Wedding celebrants are experts in wedding planning. The male celebrant will help you prepare the wedding program to ensure that your guests have a good time at the wedding. He will help you decide the best time to start the ceremony and how long speeches should take. 


It is vital that the celebrant looks the part. As such, you should brief him on the wedding theme. However, he should not dress in a way that will divert all the attention to him. Some couples will go the extra mile and even buy the celebrant an outfit. However, this is not mandatory, and it is unlikely that the celebrant will ask for such favours.  


Ask the celebrant how much he will charge to officiate the ceremony. Do some research and ensure that the celebrant's prices are within industry rates. Make sure that you understand the celebrant's pricing strategy. If he charges by the hour, then you may have to incur extra costs if the wedding is delayed.

When hiring a male wedding celebrant, discuss with him the type of wedding, the wedding program, outfits and costs. Finally, give the celebrant a brief on your love story to help him plan his or her speech.


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